Spiritual Dreaming: A Nightly Death

According to Bulgarian mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

  • “When a disciple follows the teaching of a spiritual master, this teaching does not speak solely to the conscious part of his being. Even at night while he is sleeping, the true disciple goes to join his master with his astral body and continues to be instructed by him. He reads the most sacred books in the libraries of the universe and attends the most magnificent ceremonies. Although his mind is not yet prepared to remember such events, he may retain certain impressions which create such a sensation of peace and light in his heart that when he awakens the next morning he wonders: ‘Where was I last night? What I saw was so beautiful!’ “It is important to understand that sleep becomes something sacred when you enter into it with the intention of going off to be instructed in these spiritual schools, for it is there that you receive true initiation.”

Wayne Dyer writes:

  • “Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has this to say about your preparation for sleep and what transpires while you sleep: ‘It is the experiences of the last minutes before you go to sleep that are more important, more significant, than everything that happened during the day.’
  • “He speaks eloquently on the importance of entering the subconscious mind with a purity of spirit because each night we die — and if we don’t know how to prepare for our nightly death, we will be unprepared for our true departure to the other world. ‘Take care, therefore,’ he urges us, ‘never to go to sleep with negative thoughts in your mind, for they will destroy all the good you may have gained during the day.’
  • “Your time while asleep, when you leave this house and yet are still attached to it, is to be thought of as a sacred journey that you take daily to connect to the one universal subconscious mind and experience the bewildering wonder of what transpires there.
  • “Once again, Aïvanhov tells us: ‘Before going to sleep, you must get ready as though for a sacred pilgrimage … never go to bed with a negative thought in your head, for it will wreak havoc on your subconscious.’

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